Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Maine- Mid Coastal Day Trips

Freeport: These photos are from Wolf's Neck Woods State Park, which is along Casco Bay.  The park has a nice hiking trail along the bay with a bunch of areas to view the water.  At some points, you can go down to the water's edge.  The tide change is several feet so the view will be different at various times of the day from only the top of the rocks being exposed to entire rocks with some of the floor of the bay.  No matter what, it is always serene.

Portland: Our day trip here began with visiting some light houses, there are 5 in South Portland/Cape Elizabeth.  We went to Portland Head, which is the best light house I have ever been to.  The grounds are sprawling and picturesque along the rocky coast line, with many boats and sailboats in the water.  On top of that, there is an awesome food truck selling various Lobster rolls and sandwiches called Bite into Maine.  We tried a tomato and mozzarella sandwich and a lobster roll and both were fantastic.  From there we ventured to the Cape Elizabeth Lights, which are private but can be viewed from the adjacent rocky beach.  Here was an unexpected surprise of an awesome rocky jetty type formation that will take you past the shoreline. 

We then went to the Allagash Brewery and had some beer samples with a tour and headed to dinner at the Blue Spoon in Portland downtown.  

Boothbay Harbor: This was our first trip to the Boothbay Harbor area.  To start, we visited Hendrick's Head lighthouse.  The lighthouse is private property but there is a sandy beach right at the entrance of the lighthouse with great views.  We were lucky that it was low tide, since there is a large tide change.  We were able to see a bunch of tiny rocky islands and were able to climb to the top of the one closest to the beach.  The lighthouse is right off of rt. 27 in Southport Island about 10 minutes from Boothbay.

After spending a while there we went to Boothbay for the afternoon.  Our walk around town started with great coffee and iced tea at Red Cup Coffee House.  The shops are along the water like most coastal resort towns, but these shops are really on the water with harbor views out the back windows.  We crossed the foot bridge, easily situated in the center of town, to eat lunch at The Lobster Dock.  We had great crab cakes and possibly the best fried haddock sandwich ever accompanied with great harbor views.

(View out the back of one of the shops)

(Crossing the Foot Bridge)